Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20 - Daily Talk

Hi everyone. Im not sure if anyone has even visited my blog in a while. I have been busy working and doing other hobbies such as my photography. I wanted to ask a few questions.

1. How do you take good pics of scrapbook pages for selling on Etsy or Ebay?
2. Do you recommend selling on Etsy or Ebay? Comments
3. Where do you get the best deals on cartridges?
4. Would you recommend Cricut Design Studio or the other softwares available?
5. What are the best features and why you have a GYPSY?

I so want to purchase more stuff for my scrapbooking but I just dont have any room. I am currently doing all my work in the small corner of my dining area on my dinner table. Why....because we only have a 3 bedroom very small design house with no extra rooms. I had an extra room that I used to use but my mother in law lives with us now. She took it over. I tried out in the garage but in the south it got toooooo HOOOOTTT! And my stuff did not need to be out in all that heat either. I have considered trying to save up enough money to build a small shedd outback of my have a crafting area and photography set up studio. I am working to save money and make extra money to go to disney world in Dec takes me that long to save up for it. Cause well we dont have extra for it each month in our pay checks.

Speaking of Disney World. Dont you wish you could go at least twice a year. Or is that just me. I love love to go. I want to do a cruise just my hubby and I one day but I want to take my son to DW while he is young and enjoys going. Well tata for now. HOpe to fill you in more later. Love you!


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