Friday, May 7, 2010

New at Cricut

Hi everyone. I have had my little cricut now for about a month. I have had so much fun learning all the ins and outs but I have learned quickly this is going to cost me more money than I thought it was going to save me. Mainly because I get more creative and want to make more and more with it. Where before I usually just made scrapbook pages a few at a time. Now I have gotten into card making and my pictures are piling up.

I have also found by researching other blog spots that there are so many creative people out there and I thought mine was pretty good but it looks like crap compared some of these I have seen on here. I dont have half of the stuff they have. I only have papers, glue, markers, cricut, scissors basically. I dont have stamps or lots of other embelishments like buttons, ribbons, glitter, extra tools like punches and cricut tools. I am not rich and I dont have room to store this stuff. I so wish we could get a bigger house and I could have a crafting room. But my supplies are piled in the corner next to the dinner table. We dont have any extra bedrooms. I get jealous seeing all these great rooms out there.

Oh well. I am still going strong with my creative bug.


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  1. hello there ... I remember starting out with little ... but now I have soo much stuff.. I am a lil space in my living room ... So I know what you mean about the NO room situation .. we have 6 people living in a 3 bedroom house.. But anyways .. why I commented ... I am soo willing to share what I have ... & things ... I have a cricut too .. maybe we could swap some cut outs as well .. let me know ... Autumn