Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weight Loss, Scrappy Me, Etc.

Blogs....I dont know the definition but I am using this more as an outlet for me to express myself and I hope that is what blogs are designed to do.

Today is May 12 and it is Wednesday. This past weekend I made my mind up to get off my butty and get busy working on my healthier me. So Monday I made my committment to do the Walk at Home program on my Comcast Cable On Demand. I have walked 1 mile everyday in the morning or right when I get home from work. It only takes 20 minutes. I have been taking 3 flights of stairs to my office on the 3rd I take them up at least 3 times and own at least 3 times a day and more if I have lots of meetings. I have banned the elevator. I have even pushed the button and my mind said "ummmm you have to take the stairs remember" and I usually go "dang it" and go up the stairs. Habits are not easy to break I guess. I like water an dont mind drinking it but honestly I have a hard time remembering to drink anything all day. I could have a 12oz coke on my desk all day and still have 1/4 of it when I leave. I just get busy and dont think about it. I have water bottles and everytime I see them I make myself drinks 1/4 of it or more. Eating well I love food so I have found if I ban myself I will not succeed. So I have decided less is better than none. Sweets and Salt are my weakness. I love cake and pies and honeybuns and chips and salsa. So I just only let myself have smaller portions instead of a whole like of pie or cake I have 1/2. Handful of chips. I opted for nuts in the vending machine instead of the Snickers. Wish me luck. I currently weight...drum roll....197 lbs!! Oh my goodness. Actually I weighted Monday. I hate that I have let myself go long. No joke from the time I was in high school to right out of college I wore a size 6 or 8 (up/down). I was SO SKINNY cause I am tall 5'10". And I never dieted or anything. I loved dancing and did lots of it in high school and college I walked everywhere I went cause I had not money for fuel and ate mostly PB&J and soup everyday. Pregnancy really put the weight on for me. I gained up to a size 12 when I got married in 2002, size 14 when I got pregnant, wore XL pregnancy close and gained 55 lbs like size 18 when I had our son. I dropped down to a size 16 then 14 due to breastfeeding GO BOOBIES!...ha lol. I have held on hard to the size 14 for 5 YEARS!

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