Thursday, May 27, 2010


my son's father's card. Cuts from Create a Critter and Don Juan

Monday, May 17, 2010

Momo Swap - Joanna

Everyday Paper Dolls
Here is my swap stuff for Joanna on Momo's Cut swap

Mailing tomorrow

Saturday, May 15, 2010

new stuff may 17

Here are some of my new creations.

- Blue/Red gift set for a high school graduate friend of my niece

- general cards just practicing

-love ewe card for my son's great grandmother to send her in the nursing home with his picture
And pic of my scrap area so be blessed if you have a large space or a full room....this is my only area to do my stuff..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Momo challenge Kid Birthday

I decided I wanted to do boy theme because I see so many girls cutie patootie ones and not enough BOYS! I am a mother of a boy so that is my biggest pet peeve is that girls get all the attention and all the cute stuff but boy are awesome too!!

My son LOVED trains when he was 2 and to now at age 5. So I decide to come up with a train one. HOpe you like it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weight Loss, Scrappy Me, Etc.

Blogs....I dont know the definition but I am using this more as an outlet for me to express myself and I hope that is what blogs are designed to do.

Today is May 12 and it is Wednesday. This past weekend I made my mind up to get off my butty and get busy working on my healthier me. So Monday I made my committment to do the Walk at Home program on my Comcast Cable On Demand. I have walked 1 mile everyday in the morning or right when I get home from work. It only takes 20 minutes. I have been taking 3 flights of stairs to my office on the 3rd I take them up at least 3 times and own at least 3 times a day and more if I have lots of meetings. I have banned the elevator. I have even pushed the button and my mind said "ummmm you have to take the stairs remember" and I usually go "dang it" and go up the stairs. Habits are not easy to break I guess. I like water an dont mind drinking it but honestly I have a hard time remembering to drink anything all day. I could have a 12oz coke on my desk all day and still have 1/4 of it when I leave. I just get busy and dont think about it. I have water bottles and everytime I see them I make myself drinks 1/4 of it or more. Eating well I love food so I have found if I ban myself I will not succeed. So I have decided less is better than none. Sweets and Salt are my weakness. I love cake and pies and honeybuns and chips and salsa. So I just only let myself have smaller portions instead of a whole like of pie or cake I have 1/2. Handful of chips. I opted for nuts in the vending machine instead of the Snickers. Wish me luck. I currently weight...drum roll....197 lbs!! Oh my goodness. Actually I weighted Monday. I hate that I have let myself go long. No joke from the time I was in high school to right out of college I wore a size 6 or 8 (up/down). I was SO SKINNY cause I am tall 5'10". And I never dieted or anything. I loved dancing and did lots of it in high school and college I walked everywhere I went cause I had not money for fuel and ate mostly PB&J and soup everyday. Pregnancy really put the weight on for me. I gained up to a size 12 when I got married in 2002, size 14 when I got pregnant, wore XL pregnancy close and gained 55 lbs like size 18 when I had our son. I dropped down to a size 16 then 14 due to breastfeeding GO BOOBIES!...ha lol. I have held on hard to the size 14 for 5 YEARS!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day creation

Here are some of my latest creations. Now I did get ideas from other people like Craft Junkie Too and Made by Mary and Cardz Tv. Love those ladies blogs.

Card 1 - My mother in laws card from our son. Super Mawmaw. My son helped me come up with the color scheme for her those are her 2 fave colors blue and green.

Card 2 - My sister in law - Sweet - simple card

Card 3 - My niece is graduating May 22 and I will slip some money in the little pocket on the inside.

Hope you like

Oh I made cards for my mom and sister but sent them before I took pictures....dang

Friday, May 7, 2010

New at Cricut

Hi everyone. I have had my little cricut now for about a month. I have had so much fun learning all the ins and outs but I have learned quickly this is going to cost me more money than I thought it was going to save me. Mainly because I get more creative and want to make more and more with it. Where before I usually just made scrapbook pages a few at a time. Now I have gotten into card making and my pictures are piling up.

I have also found by researching other blog spots that there are so many creative people out there and I thought mine was pretty good but it looks like crap compared some of these I have seen on here. I dont have half of the stuff they have. I only have papers, glue, markers, cricut, scissors basically. I dont have stamps or lots of other embelishments like buttons, ribbons, glitter, extra tools like punches and cricut tools. I am not rich and I dont have room to store this stuff. I so wish we could get a bigger house and I could have a crafting room. But my supplies are piled in the corner next to the dinner table. We dont have any extra bedrooms. I get jealous seeing all these great rooms out there.

Oh well. I am still going strong with my creative bug.